Professional Services

Marriage and Family Counselling

Marriage represents one of the most intimate of relationships. It's no wonder that difficulties emerge as we seek to build the ideal relationship between persons who differ in personality, personal preferences, and upbringing. Add to that pressures of work, financial pressures, children, families of origin, addictions, to mention a few, and it is not surprising that we experience marital difficulties. Marital challenges can lead to strengthening the relationship. Counselling may be one resource to help couples grow through the challenges rather than experience harm. Some marriages require a gentle nudge to help the couple focus on growing their relationship. Others may require a more extensive overhaul. A healthy marital relationship is worth the effort. If you feel a need for some additional help in growing your marital relationship please call (403) 835-3115.

Employment, Workplace, and Career development Coaching

Your job getting you down? Wish you had a job? Wish you knew what you wanted in a job? Feeling stressed out at the job? Is the stress affecting your family? In our society much of our identity is tied to our workplace. That's why job related difficulties can cause tremendous stress. We derive structure, community, and meaning through work. When we are unemployed we experience loss in each of these areas. You don't need to face it alone. Counselling may help you to deal with losses at work and help you develop additional skills to find work, resolve workplace problems, or develop your career plan. If you feel a need for some additional help in developing additional skills to make your work experience support your dreams please call (403) 835-3115.

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Individual Counselling/Coaching/Mentoring

We all experience times when life is not working for us. The tools and skills that worked for us in the past no longer give us the results we are hoping for; they in fact may be producing the opposite of what we want. This is a normal part of our transition toward maturity. Counselling is one avenue available to help us understand the change that we desire and receive help in re-skilling so that we can obtain the desired fulfillment in life and relationships. If you feel a need for some additional help in developing new and different personal skills please call (403) 835-3115.

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Workshops may be a safe, efficient, and effective way to learn for many people. New skills may be obtained by combining the facilitator's information with the collective experience of the group members in an environment that is supportive and practical. It is helpful to know that "we are not the only ones struggling in this area".

If you or your organization is interested in a workshop please call (403) 835-3115 for more information. Ed is a skilled facilitator and is open to design a workshop suited to your requests.

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