Marriage and Family Counselling

"Help, we're not talking (listening) any more"

Have you reached a point in your marriage relationship or in your relationship with your children where is seems impossible to communicate. You are talking but no one is listening. Everyone is talking and no one is listening, No one is talking any more. There's a whole lot of yelling going on. Someone or no one is feeling heard.

Counselling may help strengthen communication in your family by identifying what the blocks to effective communication are in your relationships and providing you with skills to reinforce effective communication in your family. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

Building a Marriage Relationship
"We seem to be drifting apart"

We've all experienced it. Ours will be the perfect marriage. Then after a few years things don't seem to be the way we had imagined them. He is not the charmer that I knew when we were dating. She does not do all the things that I expect of her and thought she would do when I married her. What do we do now?

Don't wait till the relationship is hopelessly lost. Every relationship needs to be carefully built by the partners. There are skills and strategies that can help couples to bring their strengths to bear in developing the relationship you both want. Counselling may help you to discover your strengths and help you to use them in ways that will help you to grow your relationship. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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"I am at wits end. I don't know how much more I can take."

Today stress is prevalent in virtually all life and work environments. Stress carries a high personal cost as well as a high cost to employers and to society. Workplace stress, marital stress, parental stress, financial stress, relational stress, health related stress, and life change stress are only some of the areas in which stress is experienced. Some stress is in the realm that we can control. Other stressors may be externally or medically related.

Much of the stress related difficulty that persons face may be reduced or eliminated by understanding the source, understanding the resources that we bring to stress management, and developing effective strategies that work for each person. Through counselling you may be helped to develop effective strategies for you. The benefits of healthy stress management include emotional and physical health. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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Prepare/Enrich marriage enhancement
"How can we improve our marriage?"

The Prepare/Enrich program is designed to encourage and enhance couple communication. There are different sets of inventory questions for each of four relationship situations: pre-marital couples, pre-marital couples with children, marriage enrichment, and older couples. Each inventory is a 165-item Questionnaire assessing relationship strength and growth areas in fifteen categories.

This can be a very helpful tool to supplement the marriage counselling process with objective information provided in the responses to the questionnaire. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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Parenting Teens
" Help! I have a teenager in the house!"

Parenting can be a challenge at every stage of human development. As our children gain independence in their teen years family relationships may become particularly strained. Great resources for parents can be found at Counselling may also help to assess the family situation, identify the strengths each party has to offer, and develop effective strategies that will lead to strengthen and grow the family unit. For more information or to book an appointment, call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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