(Un) employment, Workplace, and Career development Coaching

Dealing with workplace stress
"Stress on the job is killing me"

Your job getting you down? Wish you had a job? Wish you knew what you wanted in a job? Feeling stressed out at the job? Is the stress affecting your family? In our society much of our identity is tied to our workplace. That's why job related difficulties can cause tremendous stress. We derive structure, community, and meaning through work. When we are unemployed we experience loss in each of these areas. You don't need to face it alone. Counselling may help you to deal with losses at work and help you develop additional skills to find work, resolve workplace problems, or develop your career plan. If you feel a need for some additional help in developing additional skills to make your work experience support your dreams please call (403) 835-3115.

Dealing with job loss
“I’ve just been laid off. How will I survive?”

Job loss can be one of the most devastating experiences that we can have. We not only lose our job but also our income, community, and the meaning that our job afforded us. It is healthy to grieve our loss. Sometimes we need help to refocus our thoughts and our energy on our skills and abilities and how these will support movement toward our dreams. Ed has more than ten years experience helping people to grow from their experience of job loss and learn how to use their strengths to rebuild a meaningful career and employment situation. Take advantage of the resources available for developing your career. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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Finding a job that I want
"I'm not sure what kind of a job I want."

Frequently, people make job or career decisions based on what is available or what others suggest. Then they find out that they really don't like the work that they do. Ed has more than ten years experience helping people to identify and articulate their personal likes, goals and dreams and then identifying career options that can help make them a reality. If you are struggling with uncertainty concerning your career direction perhaps counselling can help you turn the corner to a satisfying work experience. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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Developing my Career
"I'm in a dead end job. What can I do?"

Do you believe that it is up to your employer to provide the opportunities for you to advance your career? Do you depend on the advertised employment opportunities to find new career options? Learn how to take charge of your own upward career mobility. Develop a clear perspective on your career aspirations. Create a plan that works for you. Learn how to present your plan for employment to employers. It is possible to create your own job within organizations. Ed has more than ten years experience assisting persons to develop career plans that suit them. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115

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Dealing with the difficult personalities in the workplace
"I can't deal with … anymore. I may need to quit."

The workplace can be challenging enough in ordinary times let alone having to work with people or for bosses that are impossible. Harassment, discrimination, unfair treatment, injustice, or blocked advancement opportunities are some common difficulties faced in the workplace. How can a person deal with these types of situations when we feel so powerless. It has been said that 85% of most events we experience are beyond our ability to change leaving only 15% within our ability to change. Learn how to regain full control of the 15% we can influence and how to use that 15% effectively in the workplace. Ed has a broad range of work experience in addition to having more than ten years experience in employment counselling which provides a rich mix of practical and professional resource to help you grow through your workplace issues. For more information or to book an appointment call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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"Finally I'm free from the tyrant of work, now what?"

Retirement brings so many emotions into focus. Some welcome retirement while others resist it. Frequently new stresses can emerge in families as the change of retirement upsets the life patterns that families have established. How prepared is the retiree for replacing the structure, meaning and community that the work environment provided? What about the money? Does retirement create a financial burden? How do I choose what I want to spend my time on?

The upside of retirement is that it provides some of the greatest opportunities for fulfilling your life dreams and contributing to your family and community in meaningful ways. Remember that dream? Ed specializes in assisting persons to revive their dreams helping to make them real. For more information about preparing for a great retirement or to make and appointment, call Ed at (403) 835-3115.

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